Don’t Let a Crisis Become a Disaster!

We protect  businesses from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that downtime is inevitable. The best that IT administrators can do is minimize risk and maximize uptime with solutions that let them recover as quickly as they can with minimal data loss.

Idealstor’s comprehensive suite of affordable solutions provides all the required components to protect businesses from downtime. Seamlessly providing flexibility, performance and scalability, while keeping things simple and hassle free.


Ransomware Rollback

Imagine the ability to roll back any damage the minute a threat is detected with fully integrated response capabilities to a good know state.


Unified Threat Management

Reduce complexity and protect yourself from all the latest cyber-based threats. Get the layers of security you need managed by experts so you can feel secure, knowing that you and all your devices are protected from the latest threats when you need it.

Pushbutton Recovery

Recover instantly from any outage, be it just a server or a complete disaster. Get instant access to any of your files or launch any of your backups as a Virtual Machine locally or in the cloud.

Automated Backup Testing

A picture is worth a thousand words. A screenshot of your machine booted in a test environment provides you complete peace of mind and saves time, effort and money. Save yourself the anxiety by knowing that your data is protected and you are ready for a disaster.


Not only does Idealstor Flashback help us meet HIPPA compliance but gives us the peace of mind that we have access to critical patient data in an emergency. – Southwest Ear, Nose & Throat Institute



The Flashback Solution gives us confidence that we can quickly and easily recover from ransomware or unexpected hardware failure with the ability to launch our backups as a production server – DeWalt & Gallup



We love the screenshot verification process, it eliminates the time we have to spend verifying that we have good backups – Comco, Inc.


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