Understanding the Advantages of Disaster Recovery as a Service Over Alternatives

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If you are interested in promoting business continuity and information security in your company in case of an unfortunate incident, you should consider choosing disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). There are numerous threats to information technology for modern businesses. Commercial operations often lose data due to issues such as malicious hackers, malware infection, power […]

Factors to Consider Before Engaging Cyber Security Companies for Your VPN Solutions

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Installing a virtual private network (VPN) is what most cyber security companies specialize in. Your company’s success is dependent on how best you can protect the data that you have. Protecting your data must be your priority— that is if you intend to last long in the competitive business environment. Granted, data protection does not […]

IT Security Can’t Allow Employees to Use Unregulated Internet Access

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Technology Chess IT security has a task ultimately similar to four-dimensional chess. You’ve got regular old 2D chess, with black pieces, white pieces, and a board. Then you’ve got three-dimensional chess, which is like something you’d see on Star Trek— the board is redistributed across three separate planes. Well, four-dimensional chess would take human nature into […]

Cyber Security Threats and Trends That Will Headlines in 2017 and Beyond

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Cyber security has never been more important for businesses. All sorts of cyber security threats reared their ugly heads in 2016. Though ransomware stole the headlines, an array of other digital attacks also compromised data across businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, these attacks will likely ramp up in intensity and frequency in 2017 and beyond. […]

Four Facts That Necessitate Disaster Recovery Planning For SMBs

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Data protection is the major reason that necessitates disaster recovery planning for businesses. From the start, it’s good to remember that the value of data to any organization is matched by no other asset within that organization. Cybercriminals have become cleverer and more tactical. On the other hand, human errors remain a serious headache to […]

Network Behavioral Analysis: A Critical Component of IT Security

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The IT world is continuously changing and new IT security threats emerge each week. The use of preventative security steps can prevent most cyberattacks, but the use of network behavioral analysis is critical in maintaining a secure network. Continually monitoring for intruders and unusual activity is the first line of defense against hackers or malicious […]

Why Businesses Should Examine Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Every enterprise needs to prepare for emergencies, which is why disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has emerged as an attractive cloud solution. DRaaS has been popularized in recent years by big tech players such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, and VMware, but it’s also offered by many regional cloud providers for those who prefer […]

Protect Your Business’ Cyber Security with Cyber Insurance

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Business owners must mitigate all types of risks, which include risks to your cyber security. Many different strategies exist to protect your company’s data, but that isn’t always enough. With the heightened risk as more data moves to servers, your company needs to find better ways to deal with these potential troubles. Many businesses have […]