Alternative to Tape Backup: Idealstor Teralyte

The Idealstor Teralyte was launched in 2007 as a fresh new way to replace tape media for backup and disaster recovery.  Like all of our systems, the Teralyte uses removable disk media as a true alternative to tape backup and not simply a staging area like most NAS or disk backup systems.  The Teralyte is a lean mean backup machine and has become our top selling product. Since we launched in 2007, thousands of Teralytes are on the market running backups and proving that tape is truly a thing of the past.

Unlike other systems on the market it doesn’t ship with an OS,¬†or other bells and whistles that sound nice on paper, but simply end¬†up adding to the cost of the system.¬†Because of this, we’re able to offer you a world class backup starting at only¬†$1995.00 for a 3TB system.¬† With price points ranging from $1995 to $6495 and removable disk capacities up to 12TB, the Teralyte is ideal for any small to mid sized business that needs to backup more data faster.

When we launched the Teralyte the largest capacity disk on the market was 750GB and today 3TB disks are on the market.  Even though capacities have more than tripled the form factor of the disk media and our removable disk caddies have remained the same. Because of this, someone that bought the Teralyte 4 years ago simply has to purchase a new disk and put it into their old caddy to be up and running.

As mentioned earlier, the Teralyte is¬†designed to attach directly to an existing server or backup server. Each Teralyte system ships out with an external SATA controller that is designed to fit into a vacant PCI or PCIe slot in the server it’s attached to.¬† Once connected, the Teralyte bays (1, 2 or 4 Bay models available) appear as local disks to that system and the backup software and are available for backups.

Each Teralyte ships with our SATA controller, iBac data protection software and IDM. IDM is our disk management tool and is one of things that sets us apart from a simple NAS with hot swap, USB removable drive or cheap removable drive bay you can buy at Best Buy.¬† IDM assigns a permanent drive letter to each bay so that even as disks are swapped, you won’t have to tweak Windows or the backup software to point to a new target.

More info on the Teralyte is below.

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