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Veeam and Acronis Get the Symantec Smackdown

Just saw a little article online about separate lawsuits that have been filed by Symantec against both Veeam and Acronis.  Each lawsuit varies a bit but Symantec claims that Veeam and Acronis are currently infringing upon a number of Netbackup … Continue reading

VMware Backup to Disk

People are always asking us what’s the best way to backup virtual machines in a VMware environment with our removable disk backup systems.  We figured this was a great place to share our thoughts. When companies make the switch to a … Continue reading

Idealstor Partners with Paragon Software

AUSTIN, TX, February 7, 2012—Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of removable disk-to-disk backup solutions, announced today that they are now offering Drive Backup Server software from backup and recovery publisher Paragon Software Group as an integrated component of all of their … Continue reading

Cloud Backup Comparison

Yesterday while speaking to one of our clients the topic of cloud backup came up. This is a subject we are hearing a lot about these days from our clients so we figured this was a great place to share … Continue reading

Idealstor Labs: Testing Paragon Drive Backup 10 Server

Last week we received a request from one of our clients looking for us to test out the latest from Paragon Software Group and see how it worked with our 4 Bay Appliance.  Paragon Software Group is based in So … Continue reading

Tape Cartridge Shipments Plummet in Q3

We here at Idealstor are no stranger to the fact that people are looking for an alternative to tape based backups.  We get calls and emails all the time for people looking for faster backup/restore, more reliable backups and more capacity.  … Continue reading

Alternative to Tape Backup: Idealstor Teralyte

The Idealstor Teralyte was launched in 2007 as a fresh new way to replace tape media for backup and disaster recovery.  Like all of our systems, the Teralyte uses removable disk media as a true alternative to tape backup and … Continue reading

Using Backup Exec with Removable Disk Media

Symantec Backup Exec was one of the first backup products to embrace backup to disk.  Idealstor has been supporting Backup Exec since version 9.0 was released back in 2003.  Even in those early days, Backup Exec acknowledged that disk was … Continue reading

Microsoft DPM with Removable Disk Backup

We occasionally get questions regarding how to use Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) with our removable disk backup systems.  Microsoft DPM has been around for a few years and is positioned as a disk to disk backup software designed to address the shortcomings … Continue reading

Removable Disk Backup from Idealstor

For our inaugural post we wanted to shed some light on Idealstor’s past, present and future.  As a company, Idealstor was founded in 2003 as a spin off of another firm based in Gaithersburg, MD. The concept behind Idealstor was … Continue reading