Stop the Most Sophisticated Attacks and the Most Elusive Threats with Layered Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

Dealing with today’s cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach. One that is layered and offers unified prevention, detection and response in a single platform driven by reflective models and advanced machine learning algorithms. Organizations should be able to detect malicious behavior across all vectors of attack, rapidly eliminate threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt their defenses against the most advanced cyber-attacks.

The system detects, anticipates and takes action to neutralize even the newest dangers anywhere in the world in as little as 3 seconds. It updates the reputation of apps, email sources and websites, and broadcasts alerts.

The BEST Anti-Virus for your business, completely managed by us.

Take the guess work and complexity out of your Anti-Virus solution, we fully manage the solution and check to make sure all systems are protected and up to date with the latest Anti Virus definitions to keep you protected from even the newest of threats.

Bitdefender is the largest endpoint security technology vendor in the world protecting over 500 million endpoints worldwide. Having the largest endpoint protection on the planet gives us more datapoints to use in protecting all of our clients, new threats are identified and rolled out to our network within 3 seconds of finding new threats, this guarantees that all of our endpoints have the latest protection from the newest threats on the internet.

Bitdefender uses 3 layers of protection, Ransomware Vaccine, Machine Learning Technologies and ATC or Advanced Threat Control to guard against 0 Day Threats and other viruses like CryptoWall or CryptoLocker!

With Bitdefenders Advanced Threat Control, we take ZERO Trust Assumptions, meaning that we never trust anything that comes onto your system, instead we provide continuous defense with real time process monitoring. The Advanced Threat Control system also includes Anti-Exploit and Anti-Rootkit technology along with the best cleaner in the industry where we can clean and roll back damage from viruses.

Bitdefender IS the gold standard! Bitdefender has won Best of Breed Protection (5.9 out of 6) for the past 4 years now – 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016! Get the Anti-Virus that the competition is constantly chasing.

You have complete insight and control from a single pane of glass, to manage as many sites, groups, and endpoints as you wish to have, while we manage the service for you.

All of this with ZERO “0” Performance Impact means users barely see Bitdefender working because of how our cloud and “Photon Technology” works behind the scenes providing protection. As a matter of fact, customers with more than 40 Virtual Servers can expect to have a 30% drop in the use of their resources.

#1 ranked Antivirus & Antimalware combo solution Signatures, heuristics, continuous process monitoring and a global threat intelligence network.
Two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection/Prevention The fully-featured two way personal firewall with Intrusion Detection is essential in blocking intrusion and hijack attempts.
Search Advisor and Web filtering Potentially harmful websites are marked in the search results and known malicious pages are blocked.
Data protection Prevent the loss of confidential data by setting filters that will block the transmission of sensitive information.
User web and application control Restrict or block employee access to applications or web pages.
Power user and Restricted user modes You can choose to allow or deny users the ability to modify security settings for their system.
Remote and local quarantine management The quarantine is stored locally but can be managed centrally from the control console.
Security policies and nested computer groups Assign security policies to sites or a groups of computers.
Real-time control of remote users With the Bitdefender-hosted management console you can control and monitor remote users in real time.
Location-aware policies Security policies that adapt as users take their systems outside the company.
Network discovery and mass remote install option After you install Bitdefender on one computer, unprotected systems are automatically detected and you can remotely deploy protection to all of them.
Role-based user model Internal accounts with different access privileges can be created in the management console.
Instantly available web console With Bitdefender hosting the management infrastructure, the web console is available right after signup.
Device Control and USB scanning Minimize risks of infections and data loss with automatic USB scanning and device control.
Removal of competitive solutions During installation, Bitdefender detects competitive solutions and starts the uninstall process.
Endpoint Security Relay Product and signature updates can be distributed more efficiently inside the network through a system that works as a relay.
Audit logs Actions performed in the management console can be tracked in the audit logs.
Email notifications Set up email notifications to be triggered automatically when certain events occur.
Monitoring Dashboard and reports Centrally monitor the security posture of the organization using on-demand or scheduled reports.

  • Reduce complexity
  • End Point Protection + Next-Gen AI capability integrated
  • Operation efficacy – Automated
  • Efficient efficacy - protection against the complete spectrum of attacks
  • Targeted attacks, script-based attacks, file-less attacks, unknown malware
  • No separate security server required, hosted, cloud management console
  • Protects desktops, laptops and servers
  • Content, application & device control, plus Firewall
  • Protects Windows, MAC, Linux, Exchange & AWS
  • Lighting Fast & Simple to Deploy
  • Complete management by our team
  • Meets standards for HIPAA, PCI DSS, NERC/FERC and CIP


Bitdefender So-Called Next Gen AV
Proven machine-learning/AI Machine learning/ signature-less
Accuracy, low FP High false positive
Layered next-gen EPP, multi-stage detection AV only – single layer
Detect and prevent script-based and fileless attacks Unable to detect Script-based, nor Fileless attacks
Single agent integrated console Add on to Epp
Optimized for virtualized platform Not optimized for virtualization

Given the complexity of the next generation endpoint protection. Installing, configuring, managing and monitoring can take up considerable time. Outsourcing this part can free up your valuable time to focus on other important projects to grow your business.

Our security team will manage and provides the first line of defense – without the hassle of managing threat intelligence, research, analysis and false positives. Our security experts will:

  • Assist with remote install
  • Configure
  • Set and apply policies as required
  • Maintain and support
  • Schedule system scans
  • Quarantine malware and infected files
  • Alert IT Security personnel via email
  • Report and escalate
  • Assist with remediation