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Idealstor Releases FrankeNAS – Fixed and Removable Disk Storage Appliance

July 5, 2005

Idealstor LLC, the leading manufacturer of removable disk to disk backup solutions, announced today the release of a new backup appliance for the SMB and Enterprise markets that combines the best features of disk and tape to create a complete all in one storage and backup appliance. The Idealstor RAID Array with Removable ATA Drives – The FrankeNAS – is now available through Idealstor’s network of reseller and distributors worldwide.

The FrankeNAS is unique in the world of storage because it takes the features of a fully redundant RAID 5 Array and combines it with the removable drive functionality of the Idealstor Backup Appliance to create an all in one backup and storage solution. The FrankeNAS is a multi-functional appliance that uses half of its 4U capacity as a RAID 5 Array of SATA drives with capacities up to 1.8TB of native storage. The other half of the unit is configured with up to 4 removable Idealstor drive bays allowing for any capacity ATA drive providing up to 1.6TB of removable storage. This device allows backup administrators an all in one appliance where they schedule their backup jobs to run to the RAID 5 array for nearline storage and then offload that data to the Idealstor removable drives to physically take that data offsite for storage and compliance.

“We are all familiar with the popularity of disk to disk backup and the proliferation of NAS devices at companies around the world. This trend will continue to increase as the amount of data expands and the need to store and retain data becomes more important.” said Ben Ginster, Channel Marketing Manager for Idealstor. “Where we saw a need for a new solution was that clients were purchasing multiple NAS devices to backup and store their data and then they were purchasing multiple tape drives or removable disk devices to backup and take that data offsite after it was staged to the NAS device. Managing multiple devices from different vendors creates an administrative nightmare for backup administrators and also takes up valuable rack space with multiple devices essentially working on the same task. We decided to come out with an all in one backup and storage appliance that would allow our clients to physically store their data in a redundant RAID 5 Array and then backup that data as they see fit to the Idealstor removable drives for offsite storage and compliance.”

The FrankeNAS comes in various capacities of RAID 5 Arrays ranging from 300GB – 1.8TB of native storage. The removable drive capacity of each FrankenNAS ranges from 200GB – 1.6TB native of removable storage. Unit prices range from $8995 to $19,995. The FrankeNAS acts as the host for a users backup software and is configured as a Windows 2003 Server with Dual Xeon processors that comes standard with fully redundant system drives and power supplies. The FrankeNAS is available through authorized Idealstor resellers and distributors and at

About Idealstor
Idealstor is the leading manufacturer of removable disk to disk backup solutions. The Idealstor Backup Appliance is a disk-to disk-backup that allows users to backup to disk and remove the disks and take them offsite just like they would tape. Idealstor is also the developer of Ibac Data Protection Software. Ibac is designed for any environment and backups up data quickly in its -native format. Idealstor’s aim is to take away the headaches, pain and expenses normally associated with tape based backup systems and offer you peace of mind. Idealstor – Smarter Faster Backup!

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