Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity

Affordable, Hybrid all-inclusive Cloud Backup, Disaster Recover and Business Continuity for your small, medium or large business! Idealstor’s Hybrid Cloud Backup gives you all the features with non of the compromises. Have a local copy of your backups available on site for fast recovery and in the cloud for ultimate protection. Disaster strikes? Launch your entire backup locally or in the cloud in seconds, from one server to your entire infrastructure. Past backup solutions got you worried? We’ll send you backup verification’s via email with screenshots of your backups booted virtually, proving backup validity!

Local Removable Disk Backup

Removable disk backup offers an alternative to tape backup and other disk-to-disk-to-tape backup solutions. The reliability, speed and capacity of disk, coupled with Idealstor’s removable disk technology offers a lot of advantages over tape and other backup systems that use RAID. Data can be easily taken off-site for disaster recovery or kept on the shelf for archival purposes. The systems can be scaled as requirements grow by just changing to a larger sized media. Idealstor media is unique in the removable disk market in that they utilize non-proprietary 3.5-inch SATA drives as backup media. This helps keep the total cost of ownership down for companies of all sizes.

Hyper-Converged Storage Systems

Hyper-converged systems are a modular building block for the virtualized infrastructure, where both compute and storage are seamlessly integrated into a non-proprietary server (Server, Hypervisor and Storage all running on the same box). Merging compute and storage removes the need for dedicated SAN equipment. Hyper-convergence helps to virtualize the entire infrastructure there by reducing cost, offering flexibility while improving performance and ease of management. It simplifies the IT infrastructure while providing a quick return on Investment (ROI) and the business benefits that IT is seeking.