Disaster Recovery as a Service is an Essential Security Need Today

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Comprehensive Protection Disaster Recovery as a Service, often abbreviated “DRaaS,” is a designation for cloud-based network recovery options. Today, cloud computing has come to characterize many core aspects of businesses. It’s really no wonder, there are many savings to be had through cloud solutions: Internal networks can be outsourced (so can the collateral expenses which […]

Strong Cyber Security for Attorneys

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Cyberattacks are steadily on the rise, and it’s important for attorneys to take advantage of the right cyber security solutions to protect their data. It’s imperative to partner with a company that cares about the security of your business. Failure to partner with an IT security company can significantly increase the chances of you becoming […]

IT Security Solutions Can Protect Your Financial Company from Cyberattacks

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Cyberattacks are steadily on the rise and they pose a serious threat to banks. Imposing new IT security measures is an excellent way to counteract these cyber threats. As you may know, cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it’s imperative to partner with a company that focuses on providing the ultimate protection against these attacks. […]

Most Important Criteria for Disaster Recovery Solutions

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The typical small-to-medium-sized business is generating more data than at any other point in history. Growing companies need more expansive and efficient solutions to ensure important data is properly backed up. Yet the typical small-to-medium-sized business owner or manager does not know what is important in a backup solution. This is expected as most entrepreneurs […]

8 Phishing Scams to Avoid for Stronger Cyber Security

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Security companies have been working for years to help clients safeguard themselves against phishing scams. To some degree, these cyber security measures have been successful, but the result is a double-edged sword. Old techniques have become outmoded by cybercriminals “upping” their game. Now, phishing scams have a layer of overbearing authenticity that requires a careful […]