Why Businesses Should Examine Disaster Recovery as a Service

Every enterprise needs to prepare for emergencies, which is why disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has emerged as an attractive cloud solution. DRaaS has been popularized in recent years by big tech players such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, and VMware, but it’s also offered by many regional cloud providers for those who prefer a more personalized experience. Here … Read More

Protect Your Business’ Cyber Security with Cyber Insurance

Business owners must mitigate all types of risks, which include risks to your cyber security. Many different strategies exist to protect your company’s data, but that isn’t always enough. With the heightened risk as more data moves to servers, your company needs to find better ways to deal with these potential troubles. Many businesses have started to turn towards cyber … Read More

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Has Become More Tangible

Increased Affordability Disaster recovery as a service is more affordable today than it has likely been, and this is a cause for celebration among SMBs, about half of which are victims of some form of cybercrime annually. With more affordable DRaaS, the statistics can be diminished— well, conceptually, anyway. Not every business will be wise enough to institute a DRaaS … Read More

Why IT Security Must Extend Beyond Your Perimeter

User and device credentials play an important role in IT security. If you don’t take passwords or security seriously enough, it can someday be big trouble for your business. Cybercrime is on the rise, even as security solutions grow more sophisticated. Here are the multiple factors to check to make sure that your business network is safe from harm: It Starts … Read More

Seven Benefits of Cloud Backup

Businesses are increasingly using IT services and it is essential to use a cloud backup that will keep your data safe and protected. Without a safeguard, your company can lose valuable data through a natural disaster or malicious software. Fortunately, data backup and recovery has never been simpler. Here are a few ways that your organization can benefit with the … Read More

Business Continuity: An Explanation

For some, business continuity (BC) seems like common sense. It is all about ensuring an organization’s operations can continue in a seamless manner in the face of adversity. If your business can’t continue unimpeded when threats arise, continuity will be lost and the bottom line will undoubtedly take a hit. This is precisely why a sound BC plan is critically … Read More

Insights You Need to Know About Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance

Recently, data breaches have escalated, making all organizations reliant on technology vulnerable. A robust cyber security incorporates cyber insurance to help your organization weather the storm when network security or data breach occurs. A data breach or network failure not only damages your computer system, but may also damage your reputation and put your employees and clients at risk. It … Read More

Playing it Safe: What Your Business Needs to Know about IT Security

Just like you wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked, you need to protect your systems with IT security measures. While it is more difficult to visualize, a security breach in your computer system cost as much, if not more, than a physical break in. The Stakes Your reliance on computers and data warehouses often go deeper than you would think. When … Read More

The Importance of Having an Established Disaster Recovery Solution in Place

Unpredictable Situations Disaster recovery (DR) is something you hope to never need, but if you don’t have it, you could lose everything. Consider recent hacking of the DNC (Democratic National Convention) that has since caused the company to implode like a stack of sodden cards. If they’re not safe from digital disaster, that is a strong indicator that no one … Read More

How Banks Can Improve Cyber Security

Every bank needs to make cyber security a top priority to keep internal systems safe from exploitation. User device identities must be well-managed, along with access to trusted services. Bank and IT officials must work together and take a proactive approach to blocking cybercriminals, which continue to pose threats to privacy, financial protection, and company stability. Here are points to … Read More