Unified Threat Management

Hacking is on the rise and the Small to Medium sized businesses are vulnerable targets.
Do you have a plan, or are you taking chances?

Of all breaches
could have been avoided with existing technology.

Of cyber breaches
happen to small and midsized business.

Is the average cost 
of a data breach to a small business.

What does it take to keep you secure?
Updates Per Week
Threat Intelligence Database

Intrusion prevention rules


2 Million
New & updated AV definitions

1.3 Million
New URL ratings


Application Control rules

Hours of threat research globally


Terabytes of threat samples

Intrusion Prevention rules


350 Million
Rated websites in 78 categories

  • No capital expenditure and hardware obsolesce.
  • Low monthly cost. Affordable by even the smallest of businesses.
  • Protect your data from the outside threats BEFORE they even reach your network.
  • So simple to Setup. You will be up and running before you know it.
  • Wire speed security. Faster than most local firewalls.
  • Flexible security settings that can be adjusted to your business.

Advanced Antivirus, Anti-
Spyware, etc.
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
Protects against Advanced
Persistent Threats (APTs)
Perimeter defense
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Blocks attacks
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Prevents sensitive data such as credit
card numbers from leaving the network
Malicious Website Protection
Blocks phishing and malware
Website Filtering
Block inappropriate or
nonproductive websites
Suspicious Activity Monitoring
Monitors for any malicious or suspicious
activity and traffic
Botnet (Malware Communication)
Defense system
Blocking of Embargoed Countries
by United States and European Union
Application Control
Block nonproductive or dangerous
LAN Separation for Dedicated
PCI Network

(PCI Compliance)
Guest WiFi
WiFi isolated from the production
network for secure guest access
Website Filtering
Block inappropriate or
nonproductive websites
Voice Quality of Service

Let us take the Headaches, get secure
Full-service cyber security, from our cloud to your network
Next Generation of Advanced Cyber Security

The MDS Cloud is a multi-layered, sophisticated security stack that inspects all traffic at wire speed using up to a half dozen industry leading security engines. Once connected to the MDS Cloud via a Cloud-Link or your current gateway, all data is tunneled to the MDS Cloud to go through a vigorous screening process detecting and blocking any malware, malicious links/content, threats or intrusions. Everything happens in the MDS Cloud, so no threats can get close to your network or your data. This vigorous filtering process is applied to both incoming and outbound traffic. Anything going in or out is thoroughly cleaned and your network is protected.

Our threat intelligence learns from live feedback on new URL’s clicked, files downloaded from them and actions of those files. We update over 2 million
Antivirus signatures, over 1.3 million URL categorizations every week
and keep track of millions of C&C, botnet and malicious traffic patterns.
When a link is clicked, be it a fully qualified domain name, just an IP address, or something that is resolved locally.The HTTP/HTTPS or any other protocol goes through our secure gateway and get’s checked against a database of 350 million categorized website and billions of pages to determine if it’s malicious and will get blocked if it is a known malicious URL’s
If a file is being downloaded, it will be scanned for viruses and variants against a database of 10’s of millions of AV/malware definitions to ensure a new ransomware variant is not being downloaded from a compromised website. If a malware somehow does makes it on the network (usually by a new computer that has been unprotected) MDS will catch and block the C2 or botnet communication, isolate it, and trigger an alert notifying you that there is an infected computer and what action needs to be taken.