Don’t let a crisis become a disaster!

How long would it take you to detect and respond to a malicious threat on your network? How quickly can your business recover from the inevitable downtime of a outage? Security and protection mean peace of mind, and we understand how vital it is for businesses of all sizes to have a holistic approach to securing and protecting their data. Idealstor utilizes a turnkey approach to ensure the security and continuity of your business from known and unknown threats.


Prevent - Detect - Respond

With compromise seemingly inevitable, it’s time to evolve our strategy and sharpen up our arsenal. Next-gen antivirus gets bypassed daily by new threats, and end point detection and response is only as effective as the team behind it. At Idealstor, we focus on managed detection and response. We offer a all encompassing security service that combines prevention, detection and response to any threat on your network.

Prepare – Protect – Recover

Downtime can cost your business in many ways. Being prepared to recover, whether from a server issue or a complete disaster is critical for your business continuity. Get instant access to any of your files, applications or entire systems locally or in the cloud. Ensure every backup is good and the entire system is bootable in seconds with screenshot verification for complete peace of mind.


Not only does Idealstor Flashback help us meet HIPPA compliance but gives us the peace of mind that we have access to critical patient data in an emergency. – Southwest Ear, Nose & Throat Institute

The Flashback Solution gives us confidence that we can quickly and easily recover from ransomware or unexpected hardware failure with the ability to launch our backups as a production server – DeWalt & Gallup

We love the screenshot verification process, it eliminates the time we have to spend verifying that we have good backups – Comco, Inc.


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