Idealstor Unveils Industry’s Most Inexpensive Hyper-Converged System

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Small Medium Businesses by 40% and more Idealstor IHS Delivers High Availability and Scalability for the Virtual Infrastructure at $7498 per node without compromising quality and performance AUSTIN, Texas — May 27, 2015 — Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of information storage solutions, today introduced its line of Hyper-Converged Systems (IHS) for virtual environments. Designed … Read More

15 Reasons to use Idealstor

Non-proprietary – Built on industry-standard hardware. Runs on Windows Server operating system – No learning curve, most administrators are familiar with it. Use any backup software that you like. You’re not locked into one vendor’s software. Uses off-the-shelf disks – No proprietary lock in. Unlimited capacity – Does not fill up like a NAS box. Keep unlimited copies of your … Read More

Idealstor Use Cases

The Idealstor removable disk solution offers an affordable and more robust alternative to other portable solutions on the market. Offering random access performance, simplicity and portability, Idealstor can be used for many different purposes including WORM (Write Once Read Many) for archive applications where regulatory compliance is required. Off-site Backup Idealstor is a simple replacement for portable USB drives or … Read More

Idealstor vs Tape

Is Tape Still a Viable Option for Backup? Historically tape has been the most used storage medium for the backup and recovery of primary data. IT professionals have used tape for archival purposes since the 1950s. Tape has been used for such a variety of storage functions, in organizations of all sizes that it has almost become a fixture in … Read More

Idealstor vs Consumer USB Drives

Why can’t I just buy a removable USB drive from Costco, Best Buy, or any online store and build my own backup system? We get asked this question a lot. So, we thought we would answer it here. The Idealstor removable disk system is specifically designed for backup and takes special care to handle issues that you would have with … Read More

Idealstor Disk-to-Disk benefits at no extra cost

SPEED Idealstor is capable of data at sustained transfer rates of 6 Gb/s, whereas the fastest tape drives today only offer high-transfer rates using streaming. The big difference is that disk does not need to be streamed, making it ideal for typically slow backups such as incremental backups, transaction log backups and backups of clients on slow networks. In addition, … Read More

Idealstor vs RAID

Backing up to a Large Network Attached Storage with RAID? … Think again. Data is exploding and doubling every two years. Did you know that in 2011 the world created a staggering 1.8 zettabytes? (Source: IDC). By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of data. With this increase in data, Administrators are being pushed to come up … Read More