Cybersecurity Mumbo Jumbo


Cybersecurity Mumbo Jumbo

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Create DateMay 9, 2018
Last UpdatedMarch 31, 2020

The endpoint market is dazzlingly complex and crowded and full of vendors hawking their wares like carnival showmen. The
situation has gotten so overly complicated that highly educated customers and those looking to make their first purchase are
both lost as to the drizzling array of features.
And almost everyone is now looking to add staff to manage all these tools. As anyone in recruiting can tell you that this is a
loser’s game from the point of view of the customer. Skilled artisans of the cyber security professions are highly sought after
and demand (and often get) high wages and benefits. As they are the only ones who can do the job, they are usually worth
every dime. But how many dimes is your board willing to give you? When does it stop?

Cybersecurity Mumbo Jumbo